who are we?


   At Nio Far humanity is in the center of our philosophie, for us design is a way to carry and put out societies , tribes , ethnies  stories  .

Nio Far is a wolof (most speaked language in senegal) word meaning we are together , a way to desicripe the unicity of people living in mother earth , 

when Milcos Founded the brand in 2014 it  was for  sharing with the word his taste of fashion , vision of design and love of craftsmanship but the more time goes the more the brand became more involve in connecting people and cultures  specially in Africa.

As a brand its importand for us to work with humans and not automated machines which we have nothing against , we love innovation but with prefer human expressions.

In that sense we take very seriously the valorization of craftsmanship , traditionnal african textile , traditionnal skillz and know how which are mosty disappearing 

That drove us to define bogolan as the identity of the brand and working exclusively with local artisans .

we consider ourselves as a panafrican brand  because we collaborate with Malians artisans in the city of San to make exclusive pieces of bogolan because its was important for us to go to source for more authenticuty and with senegalese craftman to hand make the produts also because senegal is know for its traditionnal craftmanship skillz


AT NiO FAR collections are a journey of history , anthropology and  defending the causes we believe in.

we release a collection only when we have something to say or histories and unknown legendes to shares.

we we dont feel tied with the fashion calendar because for us its all about finding stories that create or strengthened links between peoples , that make people proud , that create curiosity on unknown stories .

For us a collection is a way to showcase the best of the know how , innovation of african  artisanat 

Our inspirations come mostly from traditionnal african way of life , african untold stories


 the Bogolan is the quintessence of african textiles authenticity, it combines the tradionnal know  how in terms of cotton growing , cotton spinning ,waving , and dying using fermented mud and leaves  with africans stories and legends specially in west africa. 

In traditional Malian culture, bògòlanfini is worn by hunters, ritual protection and a badge of status. Women are wrapped in bògòlanfini after their initiation into adulthood ) and immediately after childbirth, as the cloth is believed to have the power to absorb the dangerous forces released under such circumstances. 

 That alignes totally with our philosophy about perpetuating the traditionnal skillz and showing the best we can offers to the world through out cultures and traditions . its natural continuity that Bogolan became our Identity as a brand , it represent a canvas through which we share with you stories


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